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Teeth Whitening in Oakville ON

Smile FX is a 3 x 15 Minute cosmetic teeth-whitening system for better oral hygiene. A whiter brighter smile makes you look younger, healthier and feel more confident. Our patented cool blue LED light technology activates our gel formulation, which results in whitening your teeth faster, deeper and keeps them their whitest longer. This has revolutionized cosmetic tooth whitening, in a manner that is safe, effective and pain free.
· 2-8 Shades Whiter
· No Sensitivity
· Immediate Results Smile FX formula provides the ultimate teeth whitening and cleaning experience – balancing time, strength and sensitivity

Single Session                           $ 89
Triple Session                           $ 239
 How does the SmileFx whitening system work?
You insert one of our dual sided mouth trays and turn the LED light on for 15 minutes. Our full spectrum blue LED light, with precise settings, is positioned between the upper and lower teeth. Our formulation has special light activated accelerators. Peroxide and oxygen will break into water molecules and free hydroxyl radicals. The oxygen radicals combined with carbon-based molecules in the stained teeth proceed to make all stains clear. This process will penetrate the tooth enamel but will not damage the enamel. Once the stains are removed, they will then attach themselves to the SmileFx whitening gel.
 Tooth Sensitivity
Smile FX is the # 1 choice for anyone with Tooth Sensitivity. This is a whitening system for people that experience sensitivity from other in-office dental whitening treatments, take home dental trays, or over-the counter whitening systems.
 Who is Eligible for Teeth Whitening?
Anyone over the age of 14 can whiten their teeth. Parental consent is required for persons under the age of 18. Individuals with gum disease or other oral problems should contact their Dentist or Doctor prior to whitening. The use of some antibiotics and other drugs can cause tetracycline stains that may not be removed.
 Crowns Caps and Veneers
Smile FX is safe for Crowns, Caps and Veneers, and stains will be removed during whitening, returning to their original colour.
 Touch Up Treatments
After your initial whitening treatment a 15-minute "touch-up" session every 6 to 12 months is recommended.
 Maintain FX Whitening Pen
To keep your whiter smile it's brightest and to whiten hard to reach areas, we recommend you use our Maintain FX Whitening Pen. For heavy consumers of staining foods and/or drinks, use on a daily basis. For moderate consumers use 1-3 times per week.